Family Tree Templates and Free Genealogy Clipart to Make Your Own Ancestry Map


Family tree templates can be a very useful tool if you’re going to whip up your family tree, and the truth is that making an ancestry map using genealogy clipart or images can be a whole lot of fun for you and your family.

After all, you will be able to find out more about where you came from, and you can use creative family tree designs to make your own free genealogy charts. If you are interested in your history and your heritage, a family tree will be just the thing that you will need to help you learn more about your past. .

Free Blank Family Tree Template Charts to Print

Here are some printable high resolution homemade family tree designs of mine that I hope you will enjoy. Please note that they are for private use only 🙂 Enjoy! .

Large Oak Family Tree Template

Creative homemade family tree design template with space for great-great-grandparents.

On this tree you’ll be able to fill your family members all the way back to your great-great-grandparents just start with yourself in the trunk and work your way out. The image size is 23,67 x 20,01 cm in 250 dpi which makes it ideal to print on a normal A4 piece of paper.

The Large Oak Family Tree Chart for Kids to Color

Big oak family tree template as a coloring page for kids and their parents.

This image has the same dimensions as the one above.

The Apple Tree Template (You Glue in the Apples)

Artistic apple tree template for free placement of family members (as apples).

This family tree chart is fun to do parents and kids together. Just print out the tree above and apples below, write in names or glue on photos on the apples and then glue the apples onto the tree. The image size of this tree is 27 x 19,76 cm in 250 dpi.

Red Apples for the Family Tree Design

Red lush apples to glue on to the apple tree.

The apples look relatively bigger than the tree here on the screen but don’t worry, they are not. They fit perfectly when you print them.

The Apple Tree Template as a Coloring Page for Kids

Free printable coloring page for kids with leaves and tree trunk to color.

The image has the same dimensions as the tree above.

Blank Apples to Print and Color

Apples to color and glue on to the family tree template.

Printable Spring Family Tree Template Design with Flowers

Printable family tree template design. Spring tree with small pink flowers.

Image size is 24 cm x 16,76 in 200 dpi.

Free Family Tree Template for Children – Autumn Design

Simple 4 generations family tree template for children to print

This is a very simple and cute printable family tree for children that only goes back a few generations. The size of this tree is 27 cm x 19,68 in 250 dpi.

Big 5 Generations Family Tree Free Form to Print

Large printable family tree chart going back 5 generations.

This tree is for the more ambitious person who wants to trace his or her family history all the way back to his or her great great great grandparents. The size of this tree is 26 cm x 20,22 in 250 dpi.

Another Printable 5 Generations Family Tree Chart Japanese Style

Old Japanese style family tree chart with 5 generations.

If you are into arts, particularly old Japanese arts – this tree might be for you. The image size is 23 cm x 20,24 in 250 dpi.

Beautiful Spring Family Tree Form to Print

Pretty spring family tree genealogy chart to print.

This picture was taken by me on one of my spring walks in a nearby park. Fascinated by the sharp green color on the tree leaves, I just had to take a photo. Enjoy! The image size is 24 cm x 17,99 in 190 dpi.

Why Make a Family Tree

Making a family tree isn’t just a creative activity that you can do with your kids, but it can also be a very useful tool. There are many reasons that you may want to make a family tree, such as:

Researching Medical History

Finding out about your family’s medical history can be important, as that will help you to know if you are at risk of some medical conditions or issues. Heart disorders are often passed down from one generation to the next, and discovering your likelihood to have heart conditions can be very important.

It is a good idea to do research into your family in order to determine what your medical history looks like.

Finding New Relatives or Reconnecting with Old Ones

Everyone has cousins and relatives that they have never met, and many that they have no idea even exist. Making your own family tree can be a fun way to find out about new relatives that you were not familiar with before, and it will enable you to get in contact with them and strike up a relationship with your relatives.

Also, if you met some of your relatives but can’t remember their names, you can use a family tree to help you track down all of the information on your immediate relatives and trace your family to find those relatives. It will make it easier for you to get in touch with them if you know their name and family members.

Teaching Your Kids About Their Heritage

Every American is actually descended from someone that came from another country, and the truth is that there is a lot that has been lost in terms of heritage thanks to the fact that so many people embraced American citizenship and left their own behind.

If you want your kids to learn about their heritage, it’s important to understand where you came from. By making your own family tree, you can help your kids to learn about where they came from and who their ancestors were.

Share Facts with Your Family

Making a family tree isn’t just something that you can benefit from, but it can be something that your relatives and family may want to share with you. After all, if you are descended from great men or women from history, it would be good to know about it, right?

By doing the research and finding out as much as possible about your family and its history, you can discover amazing things about your heritage that you can share with your family.

Document Your Lineage For Future Generations

This may sound a bit conceited, but the truth is that it is a good idea for your kids to know where they came from. The purpose of making your own family tree is to have information that you can pass down to your children, which they will pass to their children, and so on.

You will find that having your lineage documented will ensure that your kids never forget where they come from, and it will ensure that they will always know the truth about their history.

These are some simple yet valid reasons why you may want to spend the time making your own family tree, and family tree templates will make it a whole lot easier for you to make your own family tree. You don’t need to follow the templates, but they are there so that you can organize your information as easily and quickly as possible.

How to Make the Tree Using Family Tree Templates

So, now you know WHY to make the family tree, so let’s get into HOW you can make the family tree for your family.

The very first thing to do is to start with your immediate family, such as your parents, your aunts and uncles, and even your grandparents if they’re still around. You should put all of the pertinent information on them in your family tree, such as their date of birth, the date of their marriages, etc.

(Remember: If you’re making a family group sheet, you will need all of the information on all of your relatives. If you’re making a pedigree chart, you will only need the information for your immediate ancestors – father, mother, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc.)

You should take the time to interview each of your relatives to find out information on your ancestors, as some of them may know a lot more than you do. Aunts and uncles are often a good source of information, though your grandparents on both sides of your family will be a great place to get information on their parents and grandparents. Asking questions to your immediate relatives is the best way to get started.

Once you have gotten all the information that you can from your relatives, it’s time to get online and start looking. You can check out genealogy websites, which offer information on your history and ancestors – for a fee, of course.

There are dozens of sites where you can find out information on your relatives and ancestors, or many of the websites will actually do the family tree research for you. If you are willing to spend money to get the information, these sites will ensure that you get the research done by professionals with years of experience doing this kind of research.

If you don’t want to spend money, you’re going to have to stick with all of the free resources – of which there are many. You can visit your local public records office to find out about the births and deaths of your ancestors, and you can find out who their parents were in order to trace them. You can spend time at the local libraries, many of which will offer you access to their vaults of information – information that is very ancient.

You can check out local cemeteries if your family has lived in the same city for many years, and you may want to check old newspapers to see if you can find clippings containing obituaries or birth notices for your ancestors.

The truth is that the information search is going to be a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun if you are a history buff that wants a bit of a glimpse into their past. You will be able to find the information with a bit of work digging into records and the past, but it will be worth it in order to find out as much about your family and its history as possible!

Now that you have gathered the information, it’s time to input it into the family tree templates that you have chosen for your chart. It doesn’t matter what kind of chart you choose, provided you work with one that will help you to organize your information. You can make your own chart with large sheets of paper, or you can download free genealogy charts from the internet to make it easier for you to organize.

There are many free family tree templates that you can use to make your ancestry map, and you will find that creating the record of your family history will be an easy thing to do thanks to these simple templates.

Finding and Using the Family Tree Charts

If you’re going to work with templates, you will be pleased to hear that they are actually surprisingly easy to download and work with. Sure, you’re going to have to spend a few minutes searching on the internet for the templates, but that’s what the internet is for, right? You will find dozens of templates within those few minutes, and you can download them and get working with these easily!

You may want to check on the sites that are known for offering family tree templates, such as Misbach Enterprises, Free Genealogy Forms and Charts, or some of the other pages on this site – where you will find templates that you can download. You can easily scroll through all of the options that the site will offer you, and you can see the various templates that they have. Find the one that you like best, and select that one.

Some of the sites that you will find will charge you to use their templates, though many of them will allow you to download the simpler templates for free. Other sites will charge you for the research, but give you the templates free of charge. You just have to find what it will cost you to access or download the templates, and that help you to know what you need to do to save them to your computer.

When saving the templates to your computer, it’s important that you save them in the right format. If you are going to fill them out on your computer, you will need the templates saved in a format that you can work with. Excel files (.xls) are the best to use if you want to work with a spreadsheet style program, or Microsoft Word files (.doc or .rtf) will allow you to edit the documents in your favorite word processor. These are the most common file extensions, though some spreadsheets will be opened in PowerPoint or another Microsoft Office program.

If you’re just going to print the document out to work on it using a pen or pencil, saving it as a PDF is the best way to go. A PDF file is a file that every single computer around the world can access, as the PDF software is available in many different varieties – most of which can work on Linux, Mac, and PC computers equally well. It will also be much easier for you to print out files saved as PDFs, so download it to your computer in that format and print it out.

Once you have the document, it’s just a matter of getting started filling out the charts with the information that you have found. It doesn’t matter if you’re printing out the family tree templates or working with them on your computer – you can easily input the information once you have collected it!

Make Your Own Pedigree Chart

Not interested in using family tree templates that you download from the internet? You can make your own pedigree chart very easily by following the steps below:

Step 1: Use a large piece of paper (sized according to the number of generations you want to trace your ancestry).

Step 2: Place your name at the bottom of the page, in a small box that is large enough to add your full name, date of birth, and date of death (not relevant for you).

Step 3: Make two short lines branching out above your box, and make two more boxes for your parents.

Step 4: From each of your parents’ boxes, make two more boxes above theirs for their parents, and continue to do so until you have made boxes for each of your direct ancestors as far back as you want to go.

Step 5: Start filling out the information (names, date of birth, date of death) into the chart.

Step 6: Add decorations and flourishes as desired.

See, it’s easy to make your own pedigree chart! You hardly need any design or artistic skills, as the template is easy to draw for yourself.

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