Fun Family Moments with a Printable Family Tree Template for Kids


Sitting together around the family table with a family tree template for kids can be both educational and fun. And all depending on how much work you put into it, it can be an easy, quick project or it can be more long-stretched depending on the amount of research required.

Most likely young children will prefer the easy family trees whereas the older kids will have more fun filling out more extended and complicated family tree charts.

Therefore this page is divided three sections:

  • Easy and fun printable family trees for young kids
  • Larger printable family trees for older children
  • Larger and more complicated family tree charts for kids who love a challenge

Please notice that all the blank family tree charts on this page and site are free to print. However, they are for private use only, thanks. 🙂

Easy and Fun Printable Family Trees for Young Kids

The Orange Tree – Family Tree Project for Kids

Easy family tree to fill out for smaller children. Orange tree.

This drawing of an orange tree is pretty ideal for smaller children if they want to get a quick taste of tracing their family.

First just print out the picture – even though it looks quite small on the scree it does have the perfect size for an A4 piece of paper (26 cm x 17,7 cm).

You can either encourage them to write the names of your family members inside the oranges or you can print out family photos and cut them into circles with a pair of scissors and then glue them onto the oranges.

The Orange Tree for Kids to Color

Orange Tree for Kids to Color.

Easy Printable Family Tree Chart with Snowflakes

Snowflake ancestry chart for young kids.

This ‘tree’ is also for a genealogy beginner as it only goes back to grandparents. The size of this image is 25 cm x 18,52 cm. The printing quality is also really good as it is in 300 dpi.

Fun Genealogy House for Kids

Fun family tree house for children.

This is quite an unusual family tree template for kids but there is plenty of room to be creative with family photos. Simply find some photos of family members and glue them in. You can help your child find a photo of himself / herself in full figure and glue it onto the door. The pictures of family members can be glued onto the windows so it looks like they are looking out the house. The size of the house is 27 cm x 18,07 cm.

The Fun Genealogy House for Kids to Color

Fun family tree house for kids to color

Larger Printable Family Trees for Older Children

4 Generation Family Tree Chart for the Older Child

Family tree to print and fill out. Japanese acorn tree.

With this ancestry tree, you child has to do a little more research tracing his / her roots back to his / her great-grandparents. If your kids want to put more facts in the boxes than just names, there is also room for date of birth and date of death (if some are not alive anymore, obviously).

Family Tree Template for Kids with Picture Frames for Photos

Family tree template chart for kids with picture frames for gluing in photos.

This tree is encouraging creativity as your child has several options of filling it out. 1) Your kid can choose to find some photos and glue onto to picture frames. 2) Your kid can draw portraits of family members into the picture frames. 3) The easy one … just write names inside the frames. Many possibilities, your choice! 🙂

Family Tree Template for Kids to Print and Color

Simple family chart to color.

Larger and More Complicated Family Tree Charts for Kids Who Love a Challenge

Big Family Tree with 5 Generations

Ancestry chart going back to great great- grandparents.

This is for the really ambitions child who wants to go really far back – as far as great-great-grandparents.

Large Genealogy Tree with Space for Cousins and Siblings

Van Gogh family tree with space for siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.

You recognize the painting behind the tree? Yes, it’s a Van Gogh. So now your child has the chance of making his or her own piece of work onto that of a master. 😉

Whereas the above tree goes far back, this tree is ‘broad’ in the sense that it allows for siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins.

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